The Dragon Dawning

By Eon

  A call to arms...Link and his friends are traveling home when Sora accidently unlocks the secret of the Dragon Pendant. The small Dragon, Gossamer, need their help. The land of Caseree is in trouble, with a war on its way, and only Link and his friends can help.

A cry of desperation...Flynn brings the new Power Field to his newly raised parents. Too late, he realizes his mistake. In a desperate attempt to save the new Field from his parents, Flynn attacks them, but he's no match for Kyrissam. He is thrown in the dungeon to rot, where he meets Lily, one of the srping fairies.

A cry for help...Sora and Link are assigned to the job of allying the Centaurs for the war. They head that way on Dragon back, but are intercepted by a mysterious call for help. Sora and Link race against time, while Flynn and Lily hang on the edge of death...