The Dragon Dawning

by Eon

Chapter 7: Swift Revenge

      "No! No, no, no!" Saba cried, her hands balled in to fists. "What are you doing?"

"Stop being so eccentric." Endoch muttered. "They'll get out of it. They always do."

The two were leaning over Saba's huge pot, staring into the water that boiled inside it. They watched the scene play out tragically. Sora lay on the ground, her body writhing and squirming beneath the sharp waves of power that struck her. Flynn and Link just stood there, mouths agape, looking like monkeys. Saba sighed.

"How stupid can you get?" Saba screamed into the water. "Help her! Do something!"

"I thought you were so confident that the girl could fight for herself?" Endoch asked, looking smug.

"This is serious!" Saba screeched.

"I told you not to mess!" A voice boomed.

Both Saba and Endoch spun, startled. Behind them was a familiar figure. He was tall, with the shadows draped about his shoulders like a cloak. Saba recognized shaggy golden hair and sighed. She put her hands on her hips and glared.

"This is not any of your business." Saba snapped.

"It is my business." The figure said.

He stepped from the shadows. Indeed, he had made them into a cloak. The shimmer and moved with his body. Saba glared harder, willing the cloak to dissipate, but it would not. Angered, she turned and stared hard into the water in the pot. The figure approached and looked over her shoulder into the waters.

"He will help." He said. "I know him well."


"Finish her off!" Kyrissam shouted. "Let that little brat feel our own pain!"

Faylah cackled wickedly as the lightning bolts danced over her fingertips and slid like snake over the body of the girl on the ground. Sora screamed and sobbed, but she couldn't free herself from the force field Faylah's power had made around her. Tears stained her cheeks and pain lanced through her torso, twisting her insides. Sora groaned and tried to roll over, but couldn't even manage that much.

Link watched the pool of blood beneath Sora expand. His whole body shook and his eyes were starting to glaze over as a memory of the death of his mother filtered into his mind. He remembered the arrow shot down from the parapet. It had all been swords up there, hadn't it? And…Faylah! It all fell into place!

"You shot the arrow!" Link accused, looking straight at Faylah.

"That's right, I did." Faylah laughed. A small spark of lightning struck Link in the face. "It took you this long to figure it out? You watched your mother die by my hands, now you can watch your little friend wither away at my power!"

Sora shrieked as a particularly strong bolt struck her side. She fought from the inside, trying to use her own power to push away the evil that enveloped her. It did little good, except to keep her at least partially alive. The tears had finished flowing; she was all out of them now. Her power was dying out like a candle in the rain.


Link charged forward, swinging his sword in a wild arch. A faint wave of de ja vu passed, and then his sword was passing through flesh. Faylah's head rolled to the ground, her eyes wide and her mouth agape. Link whirled and slashed again, slicing the body in two before it fell to the ground. Blood flew everywhere, soaking through Link's clothes and staining his sword. He ignored it, slicing off the limbs of the body, the feeling that he had to make sure she was finally dead, at long last.

Kyrissam charged at him and Link shoved the sword right through is torso. More blood spurted, but Link ignored it. He had watched this evil man slay his father! Link was so angry and he wanted his revenge. He jerked the sword sideways and out of Kyrissam's body. He whirled once again and sliced off Kyrissam's head. He couldn't help himself; fury fueled him to chop again and again, until Kyrissam lay in pieces.

"Finish it!" Link screamed at Rogue, blood and sweat streaming into his eyes.

The Dragon puffed up, his chest filling with flame. Then her released it on the bodies. The blood caught fire and quickly burned. The smell of charred flesh filled the air, filled Link nostrils, choking him. He fell to his knees, the sword slipping from his fingers. There were shouts from all around him and they rang in his head like the bells of a cathedral.


"Lady!" Flynn scooped Sora up into his lap. "Sora. Please, wake up."

"Is she okay?" Link asked, staggering over.
"Does it look like it?" Flynn hissed. "Lady? Sora, please, it's over now."

"Let me!"

Link lifted Sora from Flynn, ignoring his protests. He leaned back against the trunk of an old tree and cradled her in his lap. Of course, he didn't really know how to heal anything like that. The only thing that he could even think about was a song Sora had taught him so long ago. He sang to her softly, while Flynn gave him a look as though he were crazy. Amazingly Sora opened her eyes and groaned.

"Sora." Link said softly. "Welcome back."

"Help me up." Sora gasped, struggling to speak.

Flynn protested, but Link ignored him. He stood and pulled Sora to her feet. She wobbled a moment, but remained standing and gave them both a wry smile. Lily was awake now and she was holding the small girl in her arms. Amiri had come back and he and Rogue stood watch over the children on the ground. Sora turned to Link.

"Man, I've never seen you slaughter anyone like that!" Sora exclaimed. "You must've been way mad, after the way the kill your parents-"

Sora's voice cut off in a yelp and Link grabbed her shoulders and shoved her back into the trunk of the tree he had been leaning against moments ago. Flynn moved forward, but Lily gently laid a hand on his wrist. Flynn stood very still, watching and waiting for Link to do anything wrong.

"Never mention them or this in my presence!" Link growled. "Never!"

"Okay, okay." Sora's eyes were wide. "I won't mention Kyr-"

"I said don't!" Link shouted, shoving her into the tree.

Sora cringed. "Right. Gotcha."

Link let go of her shoulders and whirled, his tangled hair flying. He shoved his sword into its sheath and grabbed the reins of Amiri's bridle. The Dragon made no protest; he waited until Link had mounted and then flew off into the night. Sora, who had been standing very still, sank to the ground as her legs gave out beneath her.

"Sora!" Flynn went to her. "Are you okay, Lady?"

"Yes." Sora nodded weakly. "Just tired."

"Lady Wizard?" A voice squeaked.

Aidan stepped out from underneath a bush. Sora faintly remembered him jumping from Rogue's saddle at the very last minute. His little Dragon ears drooped in shame and his scales had turned a sulking gray. Sora scooped him up and hugged him tightly to her, scratching him under the chin until he chortled and purred.

"I suggest we make camp." Flynn said. "We all could use some rest."

Sora nodded and struggled to her feet. Flynn told her she should lie down while they make camp, but she insisted on helping. Sora collected some brush for the fire before collapsing in an exhausted heap near the fire. Rogue curled up outside the camp on one side as a barrier and Aidan curled up on top of Sora to keep her warm.


"I told you so."

Saba huffed and turned away from the shadow clad figure. She stirred her fingers in the water; the surface rippled and the picture of the small camp asleep around the fire disappeared. Endoch and the shadow clad one were looking smug, even though Endoch was supposed to be on her side. Saba gave an exasperated sigh and sat down on a nearby rock chunk.

"I have never seen him…act that way…" Saba choked out. "It's so unlike him."

"We have more important things to worry about." Shadow Clad said.

"What about the Fay kid?" Endoch asked. "And the fairy babe…err...girl."

"Hmmph!" Saba sighed. "Their destinies lie in a different path."


Sora was awakened sometime in the night by the sound of leaves crunching under boots. She sat up, a blanket sliding down her body and landing on top of the little Dragon that was asleep at her feet. Link had just arrived back in camp and he stared at her in surprise. She stared back with wide eyes; he had his dagger out and he was poise for a fight. Link put his dagger away and approached her slowly.

"You're awake." Link said stiffly.

"You woke me up." Sora said.

Link sighed. "Look, I'm sorry, okay. I have a lot on my mind right now."

Sora stood and walked over to him. She looked up at him, her purple eyes wide and bright in the darkness. Link smiled slightly, but it quickly died away on his lips. He turned, shoulders sagging, and scuffed at the ground with the toe of his boot. Sora put her arms around him and looked up at him with her eyes crossed. Link fought back a snort of laughter.

"Don't do that!" Link grinned.

"It made you smile didn't it?" Sora said. "Sometimes you just need to smile to feel better. It can't solve your problems or even make them go away for awhile, but it can lift your spirits and help you get through."

"Thanks Sora." Link said. "Hey, are you hungry? I have some of the food I brought with me left. Would you like some?"


Link and Sora both sat down together near the dying embers of the fire. Link pulled out some cheese, bread and dried salt beef. He split it between the two of them and they ate in silence for a while. Link passed Sora his canteen and she drank from it gratefully. Finally when the silence grew unbearable Link tried feebly to strike up a conversation.

"So uh…how are our guests doing?" Link asked.

"Out like candles, as you can see." Sora gestured with her free hand. "I don't think we have anything more to fear from Flynn. Not after what happened with…oh, you know…"

Link nodded. "Yeah. Well I uh…"

"Excuse me for asking but…what got into you? You…you…" Sora stopped, nearly choking on a piece of cheese when Link glared at her.

"I told you, I don't want to talk about it!" Link snapped.
"Sorry." Sora said softly. "Maybe you should get to bed then."

Sora finished off what she was eating and scooped her blanket up off the ground. She walked back over to her original spot and curled up on the ground. Aidan awoke, saw her and shifted position so he was closer to her. Link watched until Sora's breathing was steady before curling up under blanket himself, feeling guilty.

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