The Dragon Dawning

by Eon

Chapter 8: Flynn's Siblings

      Link was walking along the path outside the castle, staring up at the battlements. There was fighting going on up there, and every now and then a slaughter man fell over the side of the castle. Sometimes his head would go first, followed by the rest of the body. But Link was happy, because he knew his parents were safe. They were right here, holding his hands, because he was only 5 and tripped over his feet a lot.

Link looked up to see his mother's beautiful face…but it was marred in pain. She slumped to the ground with an arrow in her back. Blood pooled beneath her and Link looked up at the youth beside her, screaming in anguish. Suddenly he was that child, the boy of only 15 years of age. He looked lovingly at the face below. It was calm and peaceful, as it had been in life. Suddenly the lips twisted into an evil grimace. The eyes flickered open…and they were bright purple.

Link screamed and jumped away. He turned and saw his father fighting Kyrissam on the battlements. Except now it was Link's own self fighting his father. It was his face, his figure, except older the age he was in real life. He hacked his father to pieces and shoved him over the side of the castle. Meanwhile, 15-year-old Link watched from the ground, screaming.

He turned away from the sight, tears flowing down his cheeks. He kneeled beside the body of his mother, reaching for the arrow. Blood and sweat dripped in his eyes, making it hard so see. He pulled back…and a dagger came out into his hands. Sora was now staring up at him. Her mouth was open and blood spurted out.

"You killed me!"


Link screamed as he awoke. He stared around wide-eyed, cold sweat dripping down his back and his arms. He heard a rustling and turned, reaching for his dagger. Link met a pair of astonished purple eyes. It was Sora! Link stood up and backed away from her. The dagger dropped from his trembling fingers and he screamed.

"Link! Link what's wrong?" Sora asked, her eyes filled with concern.

Link turned away from her. "Go away. Leave me alone."


A hand came down lightly on his shoulder. Link spun around and grabbed Sora's shoulder to shove her away, but she held her ground well. She stared into his eyes and murmured the lines of a song softly until Link calmed down. Finally he let her go and slid to the ground, trying not to cry.

"Let it out…" Sora murmured, hugging him. "You need to do it some time."

"I can't." Link said softly. "I just can't."


Sora stroked his hair, which was a tangled mess, and sang softly. It was a tune Link remembered hearing when he was very young. It was about a hero, who rode upon dragons and banished demons with the slash of his sword. It had always been his favorite, although Cara had told it to him in story form. Sora had sung it to him a few times, and now he sang along as best he could. The song made him forget about his tears and the awful dreamed he'd had.

"Feel better?" Sora asked.

Link nodded. "Yeah. Thanks, Sora."

"Come on, let's head back to bed." Sora said. "I'm wiped."
"There's no way I'll be able to sleep." Link told her. "Not after…what happened…"

Sora hugged him again. "You want Aidan to sleep with you?"

"No thanks." Link grinned. "Scaly bed partners are not to my taste."

Sora looked up at him and smiled. Link smiled back at her, and then rested his head on top of hers. He let her go after a moment and curled up back under his blankets. There was a soft shuffling, before the warmth of a body pressed up against him. He opened his eyes and looked down. Sora was snuggled up against him, her eyes closed, already asleep. Aidan had plopped down on his feet, making it impossible for him to get out of their clutches. Link sighed and closed his eye, letting sleep come.


"And what, praytell, goes on here?"

Link slowly opened his eyes. It was morning, and the sun shone down on their small Dragon cleared camp. Sora stirred in his arms, stretching out, and Aidan sat up on Link's feet to stare at the newcomer. Link's eyes widened in recognition and Sora jumped to her feet, jarring the little Dragon out of place.

"Frat!" Sora exclaimed, throwing her arms around him. "What brings you here?"

"I was worried about you." Frat said. "There was a clamor…a tremor in the ground, Gossamer said. What is going on here?"

"Oh. We got caught in a little detour." Sora explained. "Some people needed our help. Last night it was too late to go and really cold."

"I see that." Frat eyed Link suspiciously. "So, who did you have to rescue?"

"Lord and Lady of the Light!" a loud racket came from the other side of camp. "Stupid Dragon, you may not lick my face! Get off!"

Sora giggled. "Men just aren't morning people."

The clatter rose, and Aidan came scuttling back to Sora's side. The blankets on the ground where Aidan had been were tossed aside and Flynn sat up, glancing around. Frat reached for his dagger, but Sora stopped him. Flynn stood, stretching out, and reached to help another figure off the ground.

"Is that Lily?" Frat asked.

"Sure is." Sora replied. "Faylah pulled her wings off. Flynn has been taking care of her for awhile now."

"Flynn?" Frat shook his head. "I'm not sure I want to know. How are you two?"

"Link had a night mare." Sora said. "He couldn't sleep. Hey, has anyone seen Rogue?"

Sora dropped the blanket she had been holding around her shoulders. Link handed her his tunic and she pulled it over her shift. Holding her dagger, Sora walked off into the woods to see out the Dragon. Link sat down, and Frat sat next to him. He pulled out some dried salt beef and offered a piece to the younger boy. Link took it and bit into it hungrily.

"So, you saved the Fay boy?"

"It was Sora's idea." Link said. "And I trust her judgment…more than I trust my own at the moment."

Frat nodded. "Well, we'd better-"

Frat's speech was cut off by a scream in the distance. Link was on his feet and grabbing for his sword before he knew what was happening. He charged into the forest in the direction the Sora had gone in. Frat pulled out his own sword and Flynn grabbed his dagger. They followed Link into the woods.

It wasn't long before the came upon to source of the screaming. One strong looking Fay male held Sora captive. Two smaller Fay males and three females were there as well. They had Aidan hog tied, with a gag in his muzzle. Sora looked at Link, Frat and Flynn, her eyes wide with pleading. Link came to a halt.

"Let her go!" He demanded.

"Link, don't." Flynn said, resting a hand on his shoulder. "We can do nothing."

"So, it's Flynn." One of the females sneered. "We should have known you were a traitor. Did you slay mother and father by your own hand, or was it someone else?"

"That is not any of your business, Raylan." Flynn sniffed. "Now, let my friend go."

"Oh, I don't think so, baby brother." Raylan said.

Flynn started forward, but the big Fay holding Sora disappeared. The others followed, leaving the clearing empty except for the three boys and Aidan, who was trying to squirm free of his ropes.

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