The Gerudo King

by Shantay Nayyirah

Chapter 1

    The young Gerudo king stops, pondering his course. The sound of Nabooru's running footsteps resound behind him.

" Left" he murmurs, resisting an indescribable urge to go the opposite.

The young boy wanders into a grove of trees that seem to stretch towards the clouds. The ground is covered with a thick layer of moss, small piles of leaves cluttered here and there. Small animals chase each other through the underbrush, while birds sing from their treetops. Small rays of light filter through the trees, onto the ground.

Ganondorf looks around in awe. A loud rustle resounds to his right.

" Nabooru…?" He questions. His soft, Gerudo accented voice sounds strange in the stillness.

No answer. The Gerudo steps forward.

"Hello…?" He whispers. Still no answer.

Ganondorf leaps forward and tears away the bush. Kneeling there is a young girl of about Ganondorf's thirteen years. She is dressed in a long, flowing sea blue dress, her hair of a fine gold. She looks up at the tall Gerudo, fear in her sea blue eyes. Their colors seem to shift, like that of an ocean…The young boy jumps back. He had seen that girl before, but where…

The girl gulps. " Are y-you his majesty of the G-Gerudos"

" Yes…" Ganondorf answers, slowly. Her eyes light up suddenly.

" Then you are he! Thou art the one…" She stops, jumping up. " Dear Mothers will be angry that I saw you. I am not…"

Ganondorf stands up, standing a good two feet over the girl. " Mothers?"

" Yes, w-I have more than one mother." She answers, quickly.

"Who are you?" The Gerudo asks, sending the girl a searching look.

"Alinda." She states, softly.

" Alinda…" The young Gerudo repeats. " That name sounds familiar…" He turns his fiery gaze towards the girl.

" Ganondorf, please, don't make me explain anymore. I'm already in enough trouble as it is, little b-, never mind." The girl states, softly, backing away.

" Why?" The young boy questions.

" All I can tell you is that you have a future to fulfill; which I do not.

You have a quest to achieve; you shall bring posterity to you people and others. You will guide them with your words and prayer. You will be one of the most powerful beings alive; my dear brother." The girl states. She inclines her head towards the Gerudo. " Fair well, dear Sage." With that she disappears

    Ganondorf stands in the grove, staring at the place where the young girl had just been. A ray of light falls softly from the sky, between the branches of a large tree; onto the far hair of the Gerudo lord. He looks up slowly, the light falling upon his face; as he stares at the small patch of sky between the limbs.

" Ganondorf!" A voice yells, out of breath.

The king whirls around quickly. Behind him stands a tall Gerudo. Her hair is pulled up in a long ponytail. She is dressed in a green Gerudo guard outfit.

" Ganondorf, are you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost." The young girl asks, squinting at him. Ganondorf shakes his head.

" Wha.. Oh, my pardons Nabooru." The young boy murmurs, coming back to earth.

" We better be going. We promised Loora that we'll be home by the time the sun sets." The tall girl pauses, looking through the branches. " We should leave now, friend, or we'll never make it home."

The king smiles sadly at his friend. " You are right. Let us leave before Loora spoils yet another good day."

The two exit the grove and find the path that will lead them to their horses.

The sound of footsteps stops their progress. A small child runs into Ganondorf, getting tangled in his cape.

" Let me go! Let me go you overgrown brute!" Ganondorf undoes his cape and untangles the youngster.

" Where are you going, little boy?" Nabooru asks.

The boy has shaggy strawberry blonde hair, freckles, and large blue eyes. He is dressed in a green tunic and wears a green cap.

" Little boy! I'm ain't no little boy! I'm Mido! An adult!" The small person screams.

" Don't act that way in front of elders, child." Nabooru, shouts back, lifting the kid in the air. Ganondorf grins.

" Calm down, Nabby." He says, calling her by her childhood name. He grabs the boy and sets him on a stump. He kneels closer to the strangers level.

" Hello…Mido. I hope I do not sound rude, but if you are a adult, as you have said, why do you look so…, how can I say this,…childlike?"

Mido glares at Ganondorf. " I don't know 'bout you, mister, but I'm a Kokiri."

" A what?" Ganondorf asks, raising a questioning eyebrow.

" A Kokiri. We remain looking like children throughout our whole lives. Now, what 'bout you? You look strange." Mido asks, quickly.

" Have you ever heard of Gerudos?"

" Yeah, mister, I have. They're nothin' but a group of lyin', cheatin', stealin' girls. They live somewhere in the desert and have red…" He stops, eyes growing wide. " Y-you're a-a G-G-G-Gerudo…?"

" Ãyê, that we are. " Nabooru pauses. She places her hand on her king's shoulder. "He is our King."

" King!" The boy screams. He jumps up.

"That I am." Ganondorf replies, standing to his full height. Mido looks up at him with awe.

" I have to go!" He shouts, scrambling away. Ganondorf gives Nabooru a quizzical look. The young girl can only nod.

The two find their horses and mount.

"Goodbye forest!" Nabooru shouts as they sped away.

" Farewell, Alinda." Ganondorf mumbles, glancing back at the wood.

    Nabooru glances at her young friend, general concern on her mind. The young king seemed to have something on his mind.

Nabooru sighs, watching the handsome Gerudo ride beside her, a dreamy look in his eye. So far, the young teenager looked far better than any king they ever had in her long lifetime. Usually they got ugly men who were stupid and liked to womanize.

Many Gerudos liked the ones who brought many new sisters to the clan; but Nabooru was different. Even the thought of a man, whom she didn't love, touching her like that made her shiver.

She glances at Ganondorf again, involuntarily. His head is down, his mouth moving as if he was reciting something. He is cute, for only being thirteen years of age. His hair was surprisingly long and he is, more surprisingly, tall. His eyes are that of fire; their gaze seeming endless. His features are paler than most Gerudos and his ears more pointed than hers. His fingers are long and elegant, excellent with a sword and bow.

Many Gerudos drool over this new king; hope he will choose them when he becomes of age. Nabooru knows that he's not that type. He treats everyone with respect; a surprising trait in the Gerudo male line. Most were greedy and selfish. Loora, Ganondorf's caretaker, said that it was time for a change. Nabooru smiles over at her friend. She was happy with the change.

" Nabooru?" Ganondorf asks softly. The pretty Gerudo snaps to attention

" Yes?"

A smile christens the elegant lips of the king. " Why am I a 'Drag'?"

" A what?" Nabooru asks, laughing.

"A 'Drag'"

" You're no such thing!" Nabooru insists.

" Yes I am." The boy argues, stubbornly.

" How so?"

The boy looks over at her, his strange eyes smiling mischievously.

" Well?"

No answer.

" Ganondorf Drag-"

" See!" The Gerudo shouts, standing in his saddle. He swings on leg over the side and sits facing her. "Told you!"

" Stop it!" She screams. "You don't have to show off! I know I can't do that!" She looks at him curiously. "That doesn't mean you're a drag, Ganondorf."

" I must be, why else would they give me such a stupid last name?" Ganondorf asks, adjusting himself in the saddle. Nabooru grunts.

" Show off."


" You're strange!" Nabooru laughs. " No one else would care."

The young king's eyes become distant again, glancing back at the forest, only visible on the horizon. He snaps to attention quickly.

"Come on!" He shouts, spurring his horse into a gallop. The two friends race across the open field, sending a spray of dust behind them.

"Hey!" A voice shouts. Nabooru turns around to see a large, stout man with a large moustache and a balding head man, pushing a cart. A young, red headed, girl stands beside him. Nabooru hears a horse rear behind her, and Ganondorf jumps to the ground.

" Pardon…"

" Gerudo!" The fat man screams. He grabs the girl, lifting a large piece of his broken cart off the ground. " Stay away!"

Ganondorf steps back uneasily. " Sir, I…"

" I know who you are. You're their damn king. Go away! B-before I h-hurt you!" He screams. Nabooru stifles a laugh.

" I mean no…" Ganondorf tries again.

"Go away! Gerudos are unwelcome here!" The man shouts.

Ganondorf closes his eyes and reaches into one of his many pouches on his belt. He throws a handful of rubees on the ground, then jumps on his horse.

The man stares at him.

" Let us leave." The king says, softly.

The two enter the desert just as the sun disappears behind the tall mountains. A guard stops them at the gate.

" No one may enter."

Ganondorf smiles at the stern Gerudo. " Isabelle."

"Oh, it's you, Sire. You may pass." She opens the gate.

The daily bustle of the large Gerudo village had creased; only a few guards wandered around the town. Touches line the walls of the tall fortress; yet the most light surrounds a tall building near the back of the village, surrounded by a wall.

The two hurry through the village, humble Gerudos acknowledging their young leader's passing. They arrive at the building, once more going through the progress of gate opening.

Leaving his horse in the yard; Ganondorf enters the fortress. A tall gerudo meets him there.

" I see you finally made it home on time." She remarks, as Nabooru enters the torch lit hall.

"Ãyê, Loora." The young King states. " May I dine alone?" He asks, suddenly.

" Why, of course." Loora answers, surprised. She turns to leave. " Let me get that ready for you." As she leaves, Nabooru leans over his shoulder.

" Have I upset you, Sire?"

" No, Nabooru, I just need to think; that is all." He smiles At her sadly. "I hope to see you later." With that, the young king enters the darkness of the hall, leaving the young Gerudo to ponder his conduct.

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