The Gerudo King

By Shantay Nayyirah

  In a time of greed and war, the goddesses sense an evil stirring. They call upon their loyal follower to help them make three Sages to help the Hero of Time on his journey. Each would represent one of the goddesses' qualities and the parts of the Triforce. One would represent wisdom, another courage, and the youngest power. These were called the Triforce Sages....

This well-know Gerudo legend is foretold in this tale. This tale will also tell of the Gerudo's most beloved King. As you read, the story will unfold, leading you into the depth of the lives of the King and his friend; telling of the troubles they face, emotionally and physically, just to get the King to his destiny and to save the land from evil.

At the start of Part One {not Prologue}, the two friends are in the Lost Woods on an outing. The young boy comes upon an intersection and must choose to go left, or right. To the right is the destiny involuntarily chosen for him, but what if he goes left....?

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