The Gerudo King

by Shantay Nayyirah

Chapter 3

    Nabooru falls on the bed, face down. Her life seems to be falling apart. First she has to go to the Spirit Temple, then she gets in a fight with her friend Malakili, and now Ganondorf is angry with her. She hadn't had the chance to speak with either for the whole of yesterday.

Nabooru sighs, rolling over on her back. " I get to be miserable in the few weeks I have left." Someone knocks on her door, nearly scaring her to death.

" Nabooru?" Malakili's muffled voice asks from the opposite side of the door. The young Gerudo stands up and steps towards the door. " Are you there?" Malakili questions.

" Yes." Nabooru answers, pulling the door open quickly. The poor girl outside nearly falls over.

" Nabooru!" The girl shouts. She pushes into the room. " I need to talk to you."

" About what?"

The young girl lowers her eyes. " I'm sorry about our argument the other day."

" It wasn't your fault, Mala." Nabooru comments. " It was mine. I shouldn't have yelled at you. I was agitated."

Malakili smiles. " Apology excepted." She laughs." I apologize too. I should have understood. Are we still friends?"

" Of course." Nabooru reassures ,smiling. Her smile falls suddenly.

" Ganondorf?" Malakili questions.

Nabooru sighs. "Yes. Do you think he is having me sent away? He told me that it was Loora, but for some reason I don't think so."

" You doubt his word?"

" I know I shouldn't, but for some reason, some reason I don't understand, I cannot seem to trust that."

Malakili nods. " You should talk to him."

"You're right."

" Speaking of his Majesty; did you hear about his new servant?"


" Well, we captured a intruder today, and the king talked to him. He seemed to subdue him and the man became his servant."


"Yes, I think he said his name is Ailian."

Nabooru sits down. "Do you think that I will be forgotten when I leave." She whispers softly, changing the subject.

"How can you think that, Nabooru?" Malakili scolds.

Nabooru smiles sadly, pushing the thought away. "You're right, I shouldn't think like that." She stands up. " I think I will go see his Majesty. Thank you for the visit, Malakili. Will you come and see me before I leave?"

"Of course."

Nabooru nods, curtly, then exits the room.


"Pardon me, but can you tell me where his Majesty is?"

Nabooru questions the passing guards. The woman stops.

"Oh, hello, Nabooru. I believe he is in the Courtyard."

"Thank you."

The young Gerudo runs through the hall until she comes upon one of the many doors leading to the Main Courtyard.

The courtyard is enormous. Large flowerbeds are scattered throughout the fenced in area. The land in the area stretches for about a mile either way. A large, dragon shaped, fountain is mounted in the center of the land, shooting a stream of glistening water in the air, through the dragons beautifully carved head.

Nabooru looks up at the balcony above her; the king's balcony. This whole garden is for the king. The balcony itself is beautiful in its way. Large stone gargoyles lean over the edge, their threatening mouths open in a silent screech. The stone has a small golden hue to it, elaborate Gerudo designs carved into it.

Nabooru groans, inwardly. "Finding him will take me forever."

The sound of someone laughing emerges from the peaceful silence. Nabooru knows who it is as soon as it reaches her ears.

The young Gerudo runs through the garden. She stops once she reaches the fountain.

Ganondorf sits on the other side, a book sitting on his lap. A strange man sits beside him, looking over his shoulder.

"I never knew that he did that. I should read this more often."

The man smiles. Nabooru scrutinizes him. His paleness and solemn nature contrasts sharply with her king's dark features and cheery disposition.

"Did you not say that you would read about yourself?" The man asks, with a strange accent.

"Oh, I am sorry. I got distracted." The king pauses, running his finger across the page. "This is my father, Galithrand." He turns the page. " I have never read this book before; even though I should be reading my history." He turns the page again. " Here we go."

The young man leans over and watches carefully as Ganondorf points out the words. He speaks slowly, as if he is trying to teach himself to read.

" Ganondorf Dragmire, King one thousand five hundred, son of King Galithrand; king one thousand four hundred and ninety-nine of the Gerudo. Mother is said to be Nakora. Born on June 13, 4225."

"Ah, so you are fourteen, Sire?"

"Yes. And you?"

" Eighteen, Sire."

Ganondorf laughs. "You need not call me 'Sire' every time you speak to me, Ailian."

"Your people have been around for almost..." Ailian stops, lowering his eyes.

"One hundred fifty thousand years." Ganondorf finishes.

Nabooru eyes grow wide. That young man is Ailian. The pretty Gerudo clears her throat. The King turns around sharply, the book falling to the ground. Ailian nearly jumps a mile.

"Wha...Nabooru!" Ganondorf exclaims, starting up, quickly.

Ailian cowers behind him. Nabooru gazes at him, coldly.

"I've come to speak to you, Your Highness." Ganondorf nods, numbly. He turns to Ailian.

"Ailian, this is Nabooru, my friend." He remarks, quietly. Ailian nods, watching the young girl warily. The young king stands up and follows Nabooru to a small grove of trees.

"Ailian seems to be very kind." Nabooru remarks, slowly. Ganondorf nods again. The two stand silent; Ganondorf's eyes plastered to the ground. "He also seems to be a man who will make a fine friend for a king." Nabooru remarks, trying to hide the bitterness in her heart out of her voice. Ganondorf looks up suddenly.

"Is that it? You are jealous of Ailian? Is that he only reason you came to talk to me?" Ganondorf says, quietly.

"Of course I'm not jealous! What is there to be jealous of, since I never was your friend in the first place!?"

Nabooru sees Ganondorf shrink away. The Gerudo holds her haughty attitude.

"Yes, I never was. And you know what, you'll never get any friends! All you'll get are flatterers who care nothing for you!" She shouts, a strange feeling coming over her as Ganondorf's eyes grow wide in horror. Nabooru cannot tell what it is; she tells herself it is victory.

Ganondorf turns away suddenly, storming through the trees. Nabooru follows him quickly. The young king stops, spinning to face her. "Why do you follow me, if all you have come to do is insult me!?" The Gerudo screams. He shakes his head. "You know, your right. Ailian will make a god friend for a king. Better than you!" He states, growling slightly.

Nabooru pauses. The young girls defenses break suddenly. "Ganondorf, you're right. I am jealous, and...afraid. I mean not what I have said. I..."

"Afraid?" The young king questions, his gaze softening.

"Yes.' The young girl looks down. "Of many things."

"Which are?"

"I-I'm afraid that I-I'll lose a friend. A very dear friend of mine." She looks up at the king. "I am afraid that I shall be replaced by another person when I leave."

"If the friend you speak of is who I think 'they' are, you need not worry." Ganondorf states, softly.

"And who do you think I am talking about." Nabooru asks, hoping it's not Malakili.

"Myself." He smiles at the girl. "Nabooru, you need not worry about being forgotten. You are my best friend." Ganondorf whispers. His voice grows hoarse. "Besides, I will always remember how I ruined someone's life." He closes his eyes. Nabooru opens her mouth to speak. "No, you know I have ruined yours."

Nabooru shakes her head softly. " No you didn't. My life is not ruined. I still have the hope of coming back some day to see everyone again. Besides, this will only last six years..." She states, her words trailing off.

"Six years. Six years of being alone in a bustling chamber." The young king states bitterly. " And it is my fault."

"Ganondorf, don't even think that. I'm sorry I ever put that idea in your head the other day. I shouldn't have. You were right all along. It was Loora's fault." She pauses. As if reading his mind, she adds. " I do not hate you, as I have said."

The king looks up, the corners of his lips turning up in a sweet smile. " And I do not mean what I said, about you not being a good friend ."

"Out of all I said, I meant nothing, but one. " The Gerudo sighs. " The part about flattery. You are very lucky to have found Ailian, for as you get older, people will pay more attention to you and tell you things they think you want to hear, just for their advantage. I have seen this disgusting practice before."

The young king nods. "Yes, thank you for the information."

The two remain silent for a moment, each watching each other carefully. An idea strikes Nabooru suddenly. " As a token of my friendship, I give you this." She draws one of the many necklaces off of her neck and hands it to Ganondorf. It is a very simple necklace. A red jewel attached to a gold chain. " I know that it is not even as beautiful as a king's boot, but it is very special to me. It was my mothers, the second-in-command to the king, your father." Nabooru is one of the few who know their mothers.

The king takes it gingerly. "It is lovely." He whispers, placing it around his neck. He looks around. " I have nothing to give you."

"You d..."

"Wait, yes I do." The young king interrupts. He bends down and grabs a rose from a nearby bush. Expecting the rose to be given to her, Nabooru holds out her hand. To her surprise, the king rips the head of off the stem and crumples it in his fist. His lips move quickly, as if he is reciting something. Nabooru takes one step back, eyes becoming wide. The king opens his eyes and opens his fist slowly, revealing, not a crushed rose like Nabooru thought, but a beautiful dark-red, like that of the rose, jewel, a letter scrawled into its delicate face. A golden chain is attached to it. "I have been learning desert magic and I wished to show you before you left." He remarks, softly, placing the charm in her hand. He curls her fingers around it as she stares at him.

"Thank you. I'll keep it forever." She mumbles, examining the jewel. Ganondorf's first initial is craved into the stone. The young Gerudo runs her finger along the carving.

A voice resounds through the air. " Sire, to table!"

The two friends start. "I must leave." Ganondorf states, hesitantly.

"Yes, before you get Loora after you." Nabooru whispers, softly. No one moves.

"Sire!" The voice calls again. Ganondorf sighs.

"I hope to see you before you go. You know how rare these meetings have gotten." The king whispers, sadly. Nabooru nods. She leans forward and kisses his cheek softly.

"I hope so too."

The young king stares at her for a moment, before turning and running off through the trees.


"Sire, I hope you slept well?" Ailian asks, in his quiet manner.

The young king sighs, looking out he window. "Not very. Today is the day that Nabooru leaves." He sighs again, dejectedly.

"I am sure she will keep her promise that you shall see her again." Ailian murmurs.

"I am not worried about that, friend."

"Let's go down." Ailian says, opening the door to the stairs. Ganondorf grabs his cape and follows Ailian.

Gerudos crowd in the large throne room, waiting the arrival of their leader.

Ganondorf steps upon the large dais and sits down on his throne. The sound of crumpling paper reaches his ears. He glances behind him as a Gerudo starts speaking about horses or something. A small piece of paper lays tucked in the cushions of the throne. Trying to be inconspicuous, the young king grabs it quickly, crumpling it in his fist. The Gerudo continues to rattle on, everyone else paying attention to her. Ganondorf opens the note and reads it quickly.

I write to tell you that we may not be able to meet. We 'Priestess' have been ordered to stay together, so we are always watched. It was hard enough to get this to you. I will try my hardest to get to the rose garden by noon; meet me there. Other than that, I say farewell, friend.



Ganondorf clenches his teeth with rage, crumpling the paper in his fist.

"You grow pale, Sire. Are you alright?" Ailian whispers, hesitantly. Ganondorf smiles at his servant shakily.

"Of course, of course..."

A door to the back of the room opens and Loora appears. She walks up to Ganondorf and learns over his shoulder.

"It is time for you to address the girls, Ganondorf." She whispers. The young king gives her a sideways glance. "I will come as soon as..." Ganondorf glances around, eyes falling on the speaking Gerudo. "...Sara is finished." Loora glares at him.

"You're not even listening to her. Come." Ganondorf stands up reluctantly and follows her; Ailian trailing at a respectful distance.

"When you said 'you' were you really talking about only yourself?" Ganondorf murmurs in his caretaker's ear. Loora stiffens.

"Well, I believe that I should also have a chance to speak to the young girls." She states, quickly. The young king gives her a smug smile.

Loora opens the door leading to the main square in the Gerudo village. Bright light reflects off of the sand. The heat of the desert is so thick you can see it as well as feel it. Neither of them pays any attention. Ailian squints his eyes, his hand coming up shelter them from the bright sun and blistering heat. Ganondorf turns around suddenly, an amused smile lightening up his features.

"Come here Ailian." The young servant stumbles over. " I am sorry I did not warn you about the heat." Ganondorf states, laughing. Ailian shrugs. The young king places his hand on Ailian's forehead and whispers an old chant. Ailian blinks once, then shakes his head.

"What was that, Sire?"

"Some desert magic." The king answers, smilingly. "It will help you face the heat. But I must warn you; it will not last forever." Ailian nods. The young king turns around again.

"Very charitable." Loora whispers, smiling. The young king shrugs. Once Loora looks away, Ganondorf grinds his teeth silently.


A crowd gathers around the stone cathedra. A hush passes through the crowd as the King ascends the steps, his long cape trailing across the ground. He stops suddenly and addresses a nearby guard, in a whisper.

"The girls...?"

"They will arrive soon, my Liege." She states, bowing. The young Gerudo nods in assent. He turns to face Loora, smiling at her cheerfully, motioning to continue.

The party reaches the throne and Ganondorf sits down, as does Loora on her bench. The ordinary crowd of Gerudo servant girls huddle to the side, not knowing what they should do with Ailian there. Ailian stands motionless, beside his master's throne, looking confused. Ganondorf leans over.

"I have not a place for you, as of yet." He motions to the thick arm of his gilded seat. "Sit here for now." Ailian perches, sheepishly, on the arm and looks out into the crowd.

The crowd starts up again as they wait for the priestesses. Ganondorf remains silent, looking out at the horizon. Large guays soar through the desert skies, their shrill cries echoing off of the bare mountains. The sound of the large Gerudo river can be heard; the water rushing through the bed to Lake Hylia.

A sudden hush falls over the crowd. Ganondorf snaps out of his silent reverie and turns his attention towards an opening door to his left. A line of Gerudos exit the fortress and approach the dais in a single file, their eyes cast down and a familiar shawl draped over their shoulders. The line up in front of the platform and kneel down, their heads bent with a sincere homage.

One stands and addresses the King. "Sire, we are ready for

your inspection..."


Nabooru looks up at the dais from her prone position, the beaded fringe of her mantilla falling into her eyes. She sees Loora siting on her bench, listening intently to Ayla. A feeling of bitterness fills her heart as she watches the caretaker smile happily.

The young girl tears her eyes away and searches the platform again, her eyes falling upon a familiar individual.

The king sits on his large throne, watching Ayla speak. Nabooru smiles slightly, taking in the scene quietly. The young man wears his ceremonial dress, a white tunic, the sleeves and collar bedecked with golden lace. Tradition Gerudo pants, wide and baggy, are underneath it, which are also christen with the same lace. Leather boots adorn his feet, taking place of his usually knee high riding boots. A handsome cape is attached to his shoulders, flowing over the right arm of the chair and a small portion of the steps leading to the throne. It is a dark purple with a gold fringe and delicately woven designs.

As Nabooru stares at him, his eyes suddenly shift and meet with hers. He smiles at her kindly. Nabooru finds her smile widen.

The girl notices Ailian elbow her friend, motion to Ayla with a slight movement of his head. Ganondorf snaps to attention immediately, as does Nabooru.

"Sire, we are eager to have your blessing." Ayla is saying.

"My what?" Ganondorf asks, hastily.

"Your blessing, Sire." Ayla answers, patiently.

"Oh, yes, o-of course." Ganondorf rises from his throne and the crowd kneels. He starts to recite in Gerudo.

Nabooru lowers her head and listens closely, trying to remember every word. The young king always seems much better than her at these sort of things. He seems to know every prayer there is, while she knows only the main ones.

"He's much better suited for this than I." She mumbles, as the king finishes.

Every one stands, the priestesses included. Ayla and Ganondorf exchange a few words, before the girls turn to withdraw. Nabooru leaves reluctantly. She knows very well that they weren't leaving yet, but everything seems so finally.

The girls enter the hall, were Ayla addresses them.

"Go to your rooms and retrieve your belongings. Meet here in a half an hour, then we shall set off." The girls bow obediently. They wait for their prioress to withdraw before they scatter. Most of the girls head for the barracks. Nabooru is the only one who turns her steps towards the main building.

She enters the front gates and walks down the long hall leading to the throne room, with the occasional guard, but all else is deserted. She pushes open the large door to the throne room. It seems to make a horrendously loud noise as it creaks on its hinges, breaking the thick silence. The Gerudo steps into the room, which seems to have grown since the last time she was there. Treading across the silk carpet, she makes her way to her room, careful to preserve the silence. With out the court, the room is like the fast desert. She enters her hall, the silence getting to her.

"This is not how I wish to remember my home. I don't wish to remember it as being completely barren." She mumbles, softly, as she opens her door. Snatching up her items quickly, she takes a moment to scrutinize her room.

Even though it is small, it has always suited her purpose. Her favorite part about it is that it is near the King's old nursery, where the two friends would play when he was younger. Now she had to leave it all to go to the desolate temple.

The young girl stuffs her items in a bag and, casting a lingering look at the now barren room, exits into the silence.


"Alright, put it on the pack horse and grab a mount for yourself." A guard directs, as Nabooru approaches the entourage.

"Ãyê." She murmurs, following the instructions. She chooses a dark brown mount, the common color of the Gerudo raise horses. Few pale horses come out of the many horses, the king's horse being one.

As Nabooru mounts her horse she remembers the horse ordeal. The king used to have a dark stallion, with a left front hoof of a whitish color. The young Gerudo herself had given it to him, but, only a few years ago, Loora had taken the poor thing away and had given the King this new one. Ëarfalas-Märá is a beautiful stallion with a coat of a goldish hue, with blue eyes and a white star on his forehead.

A loud snort interrupts her thoughts. Nabooru whirls around and sees a young girl sitting on a similar horse, which stamps the ground impatiently. She is dressed just like her.

"Hello, Nabooru."


"Danna." The young girl interjects. Nabooru nods silently.

A loud clamor resounds to their left. Their prioress appears, with Loora and young Ganondorf beside her.

The young boy is dressed, not in his finery, but in the same green riding suit he wore when the two had gone to the Lost Woods about a year ago. Nabooru smiles at him sadly.

"You're going to miss him, correct?" Danna's voice asks.

Nabooru turns around to face her. " I would if I was you."

The young girl remarks, watching the young Gerudo King."

It's not every day you can be friends with our King."

"Yes, I will..." Nabooru murmurs.

"Alright, girls, we are to depart." Ayla remarks, riding

Danna urges her horse to follow the others. Nabooru breaks out of her reverie and follows suit. The girls pass by the king, silently. As Nabooru passes, Ganondorf stops her with his hand on her arm.

He leans forward, taking her hand, and whispers, softly, in

her ear. "Færwëlê, Ãmïçus."{*Authors note* 'Færwëlê,

Ãmïçus' is 'Farewell friend' in Gerudo. 'Ãyê' means 'yes'.}

"Færwëlê, Ganondorf." She murmurs. The young boy presses her hand to his lips, his eyes becoming somewhat clouded.

"Forever..." He whispers, his voice cracking as Nabooru withdraws her hand. She smiles at him.

"Nabooru..."Danna calls. Nabooru sighs, turning to face Ganondorf, but he is gone. The young girl reluctantly joins her comrades.

A crowd of Gerudos waits for them at the gate to the Haunted Wasteland. Two guards open the gate and they exit into the beginning of the desert. The court sits, waiting.

Nabooru's eyes wander across the crowd and fall upon Malakili, who smiles sadly. Nabooru inclines her head, a similar smile on her face.

"Come!" Ayla's voice commands over the howling wind.

Nabooru rides up next to Danna and the two trudge head first after their leader. Nabooru keeps her head down at first, but something makes her look back, involuntarily.

The young King sits tall and proud on his mount. Again impassive, the young man watches the retreating figures, his hair and cloak whipping wildly in the wind. He unsheathes his sword suddenly, and lifts the gleaming weapon in the air; a silent tribute. Silhouettes of Gerudos, barely visible through the sand, follow suit. Nabooru feels tears come to her eyes.

As she follows her sisters, the young girl's eyes remain on the solitary figure of the King. Even as he becomes just a shadow on the horizon, her eyes remain on him.

Ganondorf rears his horse, the beast obeying in a brilliant display, his sword still raised in tribute. As the horse lands, the Gerudo turns and rides back through the gate. Even though the true image is not there, Nabooru can still see him siting on the horizon, and she knows she will always remember the King known as Ganondorf Dragmire.

~*~ End of part one ~*~

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