The Gerudo King

by Shantay Nayyirah


      Young children run around the large park in the center of the grand city. They weave in and out of the large memorial statues scattered about.

A young girl stops suddenly. She stands before one of the largest statues in the parks. The statue is surrounded by a lovely garden, a gravel path leading up to the dais it sits on.

The statue is of a tall man, who stands looking at the sky. He stands proud and strong, his head held high. He is wearing garb from the early days; a long cape and armor. His features are strong, yet strange.

An old man sits on the statue's steps. His hair is long and slightly grey; his features are kind. His eyes are a dark blue.

The little girl walks up to the man. "Sir, why do you sit here?"

The old man looks up and smiles at the girl as her friends mill around. "I sit here because I am tired, child."

"Why so, sir?"

"Watching you children is enough to make anyone weary." The man chuckles. He glances at the statue. "Do you know who this is?"

"Of course I do. Who doesn't? That's the man who united the Hylian and Gerudo people." The girl answers, looking up at the enormous statue.

The old man's eyes twinkle. "Very good." He motions to the children watching on timidly. "Come and I shall tell you a tale of this man."

The children scamper into the little fenced in garden and sit down in the grass and on the dais.

"Let me tell you the story behind the man who brought the Hylian people and the Gerudo people together into the nation we are today…"

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