Heir to the Red Headed

by Eon

Chapter 4: The Power Field

      Flynn rested the girl gently on his bed, his uncertainty at his emotions bewildering. This girl's presence seemed so familiar. Maybe it was because she was the Power Field. That had to be it, there was no other explanation. She was the one who would help him get what he needed, all the energy that could be used as power. She was very strong, to have been able to stay alive even after the power of the Dragon Stone. Strong and, Flynn noticed with some amusement, even pretty. She had fought hard against the power, which he had not expected. He did not even think he would have to use the Stone.

Now the girl stirred, whimpering softly in her sleep. She turned on her side and opened her eyes, staring at him. His own eyes widened in surprise as he realized why this girl was so familiar. She was the one from the dream! This was the girl who had been in his dreams for months on end. So that was it! She had been in his dreams because she was the Power Field.

"You're awake." Flynn said coldly.

"I'm not sure." The girl said. "Am I awake, or dead?"

Flynn laughed harshly. "You're not dead. You're a pretty amazing girl to have withstood the power of the Dragon Stone."

"Oh yeah." The girl nodded, although it pained her. "I remember now. You murdered Lady Roxanna's brother."

"Only because I had to." Flynn said. "I don't like killing, but if I must to get what I need then…I will."

"So there was no army!" The girl accused triumphantly. "You're all alone by yourself! Just a short little kid looking for something that doesn't belong to him!"

"It belongs to my people." Flynn told her. "Therefor it belongs to me as well."

"It does not!" The girl argued. "If it belongs to your people, then it belongs to no one really."

Flynn smiled. "You're such a smart little girl. What's your name?"

"I'm not going to tell." The girl said stubbornly.

"You might as well." Flynn said. "We'll be working together for a while."

"I'll never work for you!" The girl glared at him.

"I'll take care of that part." Flynn chuckled. "Just tell me your name, so I won't have to use 'Hey you' okay?"

The girl smiled slightly. "It's Sora. But don't get used to having me around! My friends will help me!"

"You really believe that?" Flynn shook his head. "Your friends don't care about you."

"That's not true!" Sora argued. "It's not! They're my friends!"

"That doesn't mean anything." Flynn said. "They don't care what happens to you. The only one of you that matters is the king. They'll protect him before they even worry about you."

"You don't know what you're talking about." Sora said, turning away from him.

Flynn laughed. "Oh but I do, Natori Tino. I do."

"What does that mean?" Sora asked.

"It means 'small bird' in the language of the Fay." Flynn told her. "It will be your name from now on."

"No!" Sora argued. "My name is Sora, and nothing else!"

Flynn turned to her, his eyes flashing with anger. "Your real name is no longer relevant! You are to adjust to the new one, or die!"

Flynn stood and blew out the candle that emitted the only light in the dim room. He stomped out, slamming the door behind him. Sora was left alone in the darkness; her knees tucked up to her chin and her teeth chattering. <I>They're going to brainwash me,</I> Sora thought frantically. <I>I can't let them do that!</I> But the door was locked and there was no escape from that dark, dreary room.


"No!" Sora screamed, kicking her feet. "Let me go! NOW!"

Flynn backhanded her. "Shut up!"

"Let me go you bastard!" Sora shrieked.

She was chained to a chair, unable to move except for her feet, and that did her little good, because she was surrounded by Flynn and the little rebels he had gotten to help him. They were pricking her with needles, and the pain was beginning to get to her. She could no longer feel the blood sliding down her body, because she was so numb.

"Now, Natori, if you sit still we'll stop." Flynn said, his voice taunting.

"My name is not Natori! It's…" Sora hesitated. "It's Sora!"

"It's beginning to work. I think we should try something different." Flynn suggested.

"No!" Sora cried. "Leave me alone!"

"Shut up!" Flynn hissed. "Untie her and bring her down to the river."

Sora stopped her kicking and screaming, as panic totally paralyzed her. She was unable to get over her long time fear of water. It wasn't as bad now, but it would never be healed if they tortured her using water. She was pretty certain she couldn't live through this one.

They untied her and dragged her down to the river, because her legs were so numb she was unable to walk. The river was underground, large and rushing, a few small patches of ice on the surface. Sora screamed, and tried to struggle, but she didn't have the strength left. She tried, feebly, to get away when they took her clothes off but it didn't do any good. Flynn twisted her arms behind her back viciously and pushed her down to the river.

The water was icy cold and Sora's limbs quickly became totally numb. They dropped her into the water, and she tried to stay above the surface, but she quickly slipped underneath. The water closed over her head, leaving her in complete blackness. It wasn't long before she was on the verge of fainting, all her air and strength gone, her body so numb she couldn't even feel her fingers wiggle.

"Damn." Flynn murmured. "I guess she can't swim."

Flynn slid waist deep into the water, yelping when it hit his skin. He fished around under the water until he caught the girl by the hair and dragged her to the surface. She was unconscious, which was just fine with him. He pulled her onto the bank and dropped her their, uncertain what to do with her. His boys had already gone, so he had no one to carry her.

Flynn sighed and grabbed the blanket he had left on the ground. <I>I always have to be such a nice guy,</I> Flynn thought. <I>I hope she's okay. Maybe that was too harsh…</I> Flynn shook his head and wrapped the girl in the blanket. Her lifted her up and carried her back to his room. She stirred slightly as he rested her on the bed, but stayed asleep.

Flynn left a bundle of clothes on a chair nearby, so she would be able to get to them easily. He moved the tray Mona had left closer to her, just in case she had trouble walking, and blew out the candle resting on the tray. He walked out of the room, shutting the door softly behind him.


Flynn was having his dream again. There was the girl with the eyes like purple fire. But…but…she was fighting him! She was trying to kill him. But that was impossible! She was his, he had captured her, brainwashed her, she belonged to him! And yet there she was, a sword in hand, fighting him.

Flynn was startled out of his dream when she shoved the sword through him. He sat up, shoving the blankets away as fast as he could. Shaking, Flynn climbed out of bed and dressed, then sat down in a chair in the corner to eat his breakfast. It didn't taste like much; Flynn was too busy reading to really bother with it. He had found another book that provided more information about the Dragon Stone and the Power Field.

<I>Although a Power Field will never turn on you when under your

control, eventually you will lose that Field. When all its energy is

sapped, the Stone will release it. Usually the Power Field is dead when

this happens. You can not release the Field otherwise.</I>

Flynn felt an odd surge of emotion at the thought of the fire-eyed girl dying. He hadn't known that she would die when he finished using her for energy. <I>What a waste,</I> Flynn thought, shaking his head. He turned the page and read on.

<I>Once one Power Field is exhausted, another will appear, one that

is not at all depleted. The Power Fields are all connected, so when one

runs out, the other should be nearby. You will find Fields to be rather

clever and cunning creatures. If they figure out what you are up to, it will

be hard to get to the new Power Field.</I>

Flynn shut the book and threw it across the room. He clenched his fists in anger, wearing to have the book burned. The girl was his! She couldn't die. He wouldn't let that happen. She belonged to him now. He stood and threw his tray across the room, his left over ale spilling on the book. He would not listen to that old rotted bit of parchment and leather.


She awoke to darkness and smiled pushing the covers away to let the cold air rush over her skin. She stood, reaching for the clothes sitting on the chair: a black, fur-lined, short-sleeved tunic, a white shirt, and black breeches and boots. Perfect. She slid the dagger into its sheath and sat down in the comfortable chair in the corner reaching for the food left nearby.

Without bothering to light a candle, she began to eat, polishing off the cheese and then the bread as her stomach growled at her for more. She picked up an apple and bit into it just as the door swung open. He, her master, walked in, holding a candle. She stood and walked over to him, taking another bite of the apple. He smiled, studying her.

"Ah, Sora, have you finally decided to cooperate?" Flynn asked, putting down the candle.

"My name is not Sora." She corrected. "It is Natori Tino."

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