Heir to the Red Headed

By Eon

  It's two years since the events of "The Loud Whispers Trilogy" took place, and although most of the land is at peace, poor King Link is not. Just as he is getting to know the Lady Oliana better, Lady Roxanna makes an appearance, insisting that she would be better suited for Link. Little does Roxanna and the rest of the court know that Link, Oliana and their friend Poonta are keeping a secret from them: Oliana has lost her Keep, and her title.

So, in hopes of finding some help for the melancholy king, Poonta sends for Sora and her brother, Frat. But as usual, their arrival brings about trouble...Link gives Sora a strange pendant as a gift, and she senses something strange about it. That night a strange boy appears, steals the pendant and kidnaps Sora.

The boy is Flynn, youngest son of the deceased Kyrissam and Faylah. He needs Sora to harness the power of a strange crystal, and in doing that turns her to an evil sorceress. Now only Link keeps a connection with his friend and he must keep her from completely losing her humanity, or Hyrule and the lands beyond, are doomed.