Heir to the Red Headed

by Eon

Chapter 8: Flynn's Parents

      "Still eating?" Sora asked as Link sat down on her bed. He held a big slab of beef between two slices of bread.

"I'm a growing boy." Link said.

"Growing out." Sora muttered.

But Link was really very thin and all the food he ate seemed to disappear when it reached his stomach. Only Sora was thinner than he was but she only ate mostly vegetables and fruits. They were both in Sora's room at Dragon Rock, while Sora carefully oiled the wood of her harp and tuned the strings. Link put down his food when she began to play a soothing tune. She sang a song that he knew and he joined her.

They sang the verses over and over until Frat walked into the room, looking much like he'd been asleep. He grabbed Sora's harp from her and set it on the desk in the corner, then walked out of the room. Link and Sora looked at each other for a moment, then burst out laughing. Link fell back on the bed and Sora leaned against the head board giggling.

"What a grouch!" Link exclaimed.

"At least I'm not a pig!" Frat called.

"Oops!" Link covered his mouth.

"Well, you do eat a lot." Sora said.

"Who asked you?"

Link picked up one of the goose feather pillows and smacked Sora cross the face with it. She grabbed one of her own pillows and smacked him back. Link grabbed her around the waist and they both tumbled to the floor, feathers flying everywhere. Link grabbed Sora's wrists and pinned her to the floor. Her hair was full of feathers and they looked like snow.

"Let me up!" Sora wiggled around, trying to get away.

"Not until I suck out your soul!" Link joked.

He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers, making a strange sucking noise. Sora giggled and pushed him away, scrambling to sit up. Link caught her unaware and kissed her again until she shoved him away and stood up.

"Hey, I haven't finished sucking out your soul yet!" Link exclaimed in mock anger.

"Well, I'm sorry, but you'll have to finish tomorrow." Sora said. "Right now I'm tired."

Link laughed. "Okay. But I'm still hungry."

Sora grinned and put the pillows back on the bed, dusting the feather underneath it. She climbed in and pulled the covers over her body, snuggling up on her side. Link kissed her forehead, noting that she was already asleep, and blew out the candle on the bedside table. He crept out of the room, shutting the door carefully behind him.


Flynn awoke once again to the sounds of dripping water and he smiled. He turned over on to his side, seeing that glowing crystal, and his smile widened. Not only had he gotten what he needed, but the girl was alive as well. He would get her back and get the new Power Field…after he finished his mission of course. Beside him Mona stirred but did not wake. He pulled the covers over her bare body and stood, dressing quickly in the dark.

Flynn threw a cloak over his shoulders and picked up a lantern from where he had left it on the desk. He took the glowing crystal and stuffed it into one of the deep pockets of his cloak. With one last glance at Mona, Flynn walked out of his room and into the hallway. It was completely silent out there, so he had to move fast and quietly.

When he reached topside he pulled out the lantern and lit it. The glow was a dim one, but it was just enough to see by. He went around the large rock that was the entrance of Faylinn and started down a long path cut into the woods. Owls hooted in the darkness and field mice shrieked as they were scooped up for dinner. The path itself dumped Flynn into out into the Fay graveyard.

He walked to the very back, where two stone monuments where erected. They were in the shaped of his parents, Kyrissam and Faylah D'Morgan. Bitterly Flynn thought the resemblance they had to their long time enemies, the C'dessa family. They were like the evil side of the C'dessa's, the powerful side. Flynn shook the thoughts from his mind and set the lantern on the ground near one of the smaller graves.

Flynn reached into the pocket of his cloak and pulled out the stone. It glowed with that eerie light, pulsating like a beacon in his hands. He knelt before the graves and laid it to rest right in the middle. Then he stood and stepped back, waiting for what he knew would happen. He knew it would take time. He knew it would take energy.

Then the light began to spread, rushing over the ground. It flowed outward, encompassing the monuments with its glow. It delved deep into the ground, making it shake. Nearby night animals scattered in fright at the surge of great power. Then the light died away, as quickly as it had come. Everything was still, silent as death.

Then a hand reached up from the ground of Kyrissam's grave. It grasped at the air and Flynn reached out to take it. The hand pulled, as if to drag him down into the grave, but Flynn pulled back. Another hand stuck up from the ground and Flynn took a hold of that too. He pulled with all his might, until a head came out of the ground. The body quickly followed. The pressure was released and Flynn fell back, landing in the dirt and permanently soaked leaves.

A hand struck up from the ground of Faylah's grave then. This hand had long nails and slim fingers that looked delicate. Flynn took a hold of that hand and when another one came up, Kyrissam grabbed it. Together the dragged a dirt filled and angry looked Faylah up from the ground. She stood, her body heaving with her effort, looking around.

"Who is it that rescued us?" Faylah asked. "Step closer."

Flynn did as he was bid. "Mother?"

"Can it be…why, it's Flynn!" Faylah exclaimed, embracing the boy. "I told you Sammi! I told you he would amount to something!"

"You did." Kyrissam agreed calmly. "What he lacks in height, strength and power he makes up for in brains."

"No one else would have bothered." Flynn told him. "My brothers and sisters are greedy. They buried you on an awful, rainy day and were done with it."

"Oh Flynny!" Faylah put an arm around his shoulders. "You thought this up all by yourself? I'm impressed!"

"Yes." Flynn nodded. "But the stone is out of energy. I need to find the next Power Field and fast. But…I think I already know who it is."

His parents smiled, looking very pleased. Kyrissam took the lantern and Flynn picked up the stone. It had shrunk back down to its normal size. He shoved it in his pocket and went back to his parents. Together they walked out of the graveyard, heading for the doomed city of Faylinn. Nothing would survive his parent's wrath…nothing!

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