Paradise Faileth

By Landon Hawes

Within the land of Hyrule, there is magic.
Within the hearts of the people, there is fear.
Within the soul of the Hero, there is courage.

Ganon has been sealed into the void. The Sages have sent Link back to the time he was supposed to live in - to the time when he will grow up as a normal child. His knowledge of things past and future is gone; he knows only the forest. Until a boy comes. He is one of the last survivors of a mission gone horribly wrong. His ears are curiously rounded. His hair is bizarrely red. And he has released the monster from its imprisonment. As darkness pours into the world, Link and the newcomer must retrace the footsteps of that heroic quest that finished seven years in the future. They must find old friends, defeat new enemies - and save Hyrule from total evil. This is the Legend of Zelda.


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