Paradise Faileth

By Landon Hawes

Chapter 5: Zelda

     Destinies intertwine. This is a fact. We are meant to do certain things and become certain people. Sometimes we do those things and become those people.

     Sometimes we do not.

     Destinies were inextricably driven together that day. And when the three whose destinies were woven with the Triforce’s met together, they created magic ...

     A high magic so terrible that it would remain hidden until the moment of greatest peril.


     Link hesitantly began to walk forward. Zelda continued to watch him. Silently he padded along, growing ever-closer to the princess, closer, closer, and closer until he found himself in front of her. She was standing very regally with her hands at her sides, her head upright and her eyes a clear blue, piercing Link’s soul with their intent gaze. Link’s heart began to pound a little faster as she spoke.

     “I’m sorry, but I don’t know your name.”

     Link felt like he’d been kicked in the gut. “What do you mean, you don’t know my name? We’ve known each other for years!” he blurted out.

     Zelda looked surprised. “Um ... I’m sorry. I really don’t know your name. Have we met before? Maybe I’ve just forgotten it.”

     Link inwardly groaned. Yep, this is gonna take some doing. “Well, maybe you’ll remember after this ...” He knelt on one knee before the princess respectfully, then threw his hand out in front of him to reveal the mark of the Triforce.

     Zelda’s face suddenly went slack as she remembered something from long ago, in another life ...


     Link and Zelda sat on a grassy hillside, laughing at one of Link’s stories, as Navi contentedly slept beside them. “ ... but the Gorons didn’t mind that I’d blown up the pot in the middle of the city. In fact, they were quite pleased that someone had found their magical treasure, plus they were happy that I’d removed that nasty statue from their sight.” Zelda giggled as Link finished his story with a flourish of his arms.

     “So these Heart Pieces ... they magically increase your strength, permanently?” said Zelda.

     “Yeah,” Link nodded, “it’s true. I can’t understand why they aren’t all gone, though.”

     “Yes,” said Zelda, “I don’t know why either. Maybe you were meant to receive all of them.”

     “Perhaps,” agreed Link. They sat in silence for a while, each of them rather giddy with the knowledge that they were quite attracted to each other. Link looked at his feet and scratched his head. Finally Zelda broke the silence.

     “Link, now that you’re going to the Zora to find their Sapphire ... I was wondering something,” she said.

     “What is it?”

     Zelda looked slightly embarrassed. “Will you come back after you get it?”

     Link looked up, surprised. “Of course!”

     Zelda smiled, still looking abashed. “I’m really enjoying our time together, you know; I’m really glad we’re friends.”

     “I am too,” said Link.

     The sun began to set. All too soon it was evening. Link knew it was time for him to leave the company of his relatively new friend. He held off for just a little while, but finally did not delay the inevitable. “Zelda, I have to go.”

     Zelda’s sad sigh told him that she had indeed enjoyed his company. “Link, good luck on your quest. I’m really excited to see the Sapphire.”

     “I’ll bring it back in one piece.” Link looked like he wanted to say something else. Zelda waited, but Link didn’t say anything. “I guess I’ll see you later.” He began to walk away.

     “Good-bye, Link!” called the princess, waving after him. Link turned his head as he was striding off and grinned a rakish smile.

     After Link was out of earshot, Zelda whispered another phrase, this one more heartfelt. “Good-bye, Hero of Time. You are our only hope.”


     Link and Sheik stood in the Temple of Time. Sheik was staring at Link strangely with those odd blue eyes of his. “I must tell you something, Link. I have not been entirely truthful with you these past months - I am not truly a Sheikah.”

     Link was instantly on guard. “But I know you are of the Light, Sheik. I’ve felt it. There is no deceiving the feelings I have received from you. How could you have deceived me?”

     Suddenly there was a burst of white light, and Sheik was gone. In the place of the mysterious Sheikah was Princess Zelda.

     Link cried out in astonishment and joy! “Zelda! It’s you!”

     Zelda bowed her head. “Yes, Link, it’s me.”

     Link rushed up to her, laughing, but was suddenly swept away by a dark forcefield that threw him on his back. Link’s mirth died as he heard a chilling voice - one he dreaded hearing. It cackled with glee as Zelda’s back suddenly arched, as if she were being electrocuted.

     “Stupid girl! You thought you could defy the powers of darkness with your puny magic! Did you not see that I, Ganondorf, am the ultimate ruler of Hyrule? Neither you nor the Sages nor even the Goddesses can change the fact that I shall triumph! And now, Princess Zelda, you will have the honor of helping me to ascend to my glorious reign!” Ganondorf roared. A huge image of him appeared in the Temple of Time, and the image raised its hand, all fingers stretched upwards. Zelda screamed as pieces of crystal appeared and began to twirl around her in an oddly rhythmic pattern. Then the crystals clapped shut around Zelda, and she cried out one last time - and was gone.

     Link’s heart beat fierce against his chest and he howled in anger, beginning to feel pure and total hatred for Ganondorf. Link’s emotions threatened to overwhelm him, and he barely managed to stagger through the doors of the Temple of Time. It seemed only an instant until -


     - “Good-bye, Link. I really will miss you,” said Zelda.

     Link bowed his head as he stood in front of her for the last time. “Zelda, why does it have to be this way?” he said pitifully, his voice plaintive, almost a whine.

     “Because,” said Zelda, a tear dripping down her face, “it is what must be done to save our world. Should you remain here, Link - it would be wrong - maybe even disastrous to our world. No, you must leave.”

     “Why?” said Link. Zelda responded by wrapping her arms around Link and kissing him.

     “I love you, Hero,” she whispered into his ear. “I will see you again, I promise! But you must leave for now!”

     Link broke the embrace and strode away for the last time. Would he ever see the princess again? ...


     “Do you see me?” asked Link as his marked hand brushed Zelda’s.

     Princess Zelda nodded weakly. “Yes.” Then another shake of the head, almost fierce in its intensity. “Yes, Hero, I do!” She swept him up into her arms and hugged him tightly, a tear dripping down her face. “I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you at first. But the Goddesses ...” Zelda suddenly smiled. “Link, it’s so good to see you!”

     “It’s good to see you too, Zelda,” replied Link happily. He drew back slightly. “Why weren’t there any guards in the courtyard?”

     “Impa caused a distraction outside the castle, something having to do with a beached whale.” Zelda grinned wryly. “I don’t get involved in her pranks, I’ve never understood them.”

     Link laughed. “I’d forgotten what it was like to be around Impa.”

     “Yes ... Link, we must have a long talk - but right now we do need to be serious. There are some matters we must discuss first,” said Zelda. She sat down on the marble steps, inviting Link to sit as well.

     Link’s mouth quirked as he sat down. Yep, this is definitely Zelda. Who else is this succinctly verbose? ... Me perhaps! “Something bothering you, Zelda?”

     Zelda sighed. “Events have proceeded normally since you were sent back, Link. All has gone well - but now I am beginning to see signs of trouble.

     “Nabooru has reported several sightings of gigantic creatures out in the desert. Ruto says that the water level of Lake Hylia, which has been at an all-time high lately, is retreating back to its former position. Impa says that the Well in Kakariko has been groaning and that the Shadow Temple is beginning to pulse again with darkness. Darunia reports that his people can hear the voices of Moblins and other monsters within Death Mountain.”

     “What does this mean?” asked Link, although he knew what it meant.

     “I fear that evil grows again in Hyrule,” said Zelda. “And I fear that it is our greatest enemy.”

     “It is,” said Link. “I saw Ganon.” Zelda screamed involuntarily; Link jumped up quickly and drew his sword. But there was nothing there, only pale-looking Zelda quivering slightly.

     “S-sorry,” stammered Zelda. She looked up at him. “He’s really back?”

     “In the flesh,” said Link grimly. Zelda choked back a sob, then managed to master herself. Suddenly she screamed again and pointed at a thatch of red hair that was poking around the corner wall.

     “This one’s easily scared, eh?” chuckled Aaron. Link rolled his eyes and motioned for Aaron to come closer.

     “Who is he? What’s he doing here?” shrieked Zelda, hiding behind Link.

     “Zelda, this is my friend, Aaron Homden,” replied Link. Aaron stopped before the marble steps and bowed. Zelda was staring at his ears.

     “Link, his ears aren’t pointed! What’s wrong with him?” she hissed.

     Link rolled his eyes. “He’s from a - uh - different land, where the ears of the people aren’t pointed.”

     “I’ve never heard of anyone like that,” said Zelda, recovering her composure a bit and attempting a smile. “I’m sorry, boy. Please accept my apology.”

     Aaron rolled his eyes. “I have a name, you know.”

     “You are not worthy to be called by your name in the presence of royalty,” uttered Zelda. Link’s mouth slowly dropped open as Aaron and Zelda went back and forth with each other, Aaron insulting Zelda’s high position and Zelda regally insisting that she was far above speaking to “commoners.” Man, thought Link, I always thought Zelda was better than this. At that moment Zelda caught his eye and winked, very briefly.

     “ - And you’re living up to the princess stereotype, you know,” complained Aaron loudly.

     “Oh, Aaron, never mind that. Anyway -”

     What now?” said Aaron loudly. “You can actually use first names?”

     “I can do more than that, too,” said Zelda threateningly as she leveled an accusatory glare at Aaron. Link grinned. Aaron eyed Zelda balefully and then clamped his mouth shut.

     “Too bad for you, Aaron,” said Zelda, her face softening. She was silent for a moment, then added, “I’ve seen you before.”

     Aaron raised his eyebrows. “I don’t remember the meeting, thankfully.”

     “Not in person, Aaron. I’ve seen you in a vision.”

     “Oh, you’re one of those,” chuckled Aaron. Zelda ignored him and went on.

     “Link, where did you see Ganon?” she asked.

     “In the Lost Woods. There was burning metal there, and -” Aaron started to say something (probably another joke) but Zelda put her hand up, telling him to stop. “- and when the metal disappeared, a hole opened in the ground. Ganon came out of the hole ... then he disappeared,” finished Link. Zelda grew a bit pale.

     “The burning metal -” began Aaron again. Zelda put her fingers to his lips.

     “Link, the reason why I called you is because Hyrule needs her Hero once more. I am now asking you to defeat Ganon again, for the second time,” the princess said.

     “And that’s it? That’s all there is to it?” Link said.

     “Was there anything more last time?” said Zelda, smiling. Link shook his head and smiled back. For a second or two they gazed into each other’s eyes, long enough for Aaron to notice.

     “Hey, lovebirds, unhook your necks and let me tell you something,” said Aaron sardonically. Link and Zelda turned to stare at him. “What does all this entail? I mean, I’m Link’s good buddy and all, but do I really have to go and fight this enormous pig freak?”

     “We weren’t even touching each other!” complained Zelda, putting her hands on her hips. Link laughed.

     “Answer my question, you great prat!” yelled Aaron irritably. Link laughed even harder as Zelda let out a great “hmph!”

     “Yes, it does!” she said. Aaron sighed.

     “Well, in that case, what are we waiting for?” he said.

     Link, still chuckling, abruptly stopped. “Waiting for?” he said nervously.

     “Yes, waiting for,” said Aaron. “If we wait any longer Ganon’s going to get more powerful - maybe so powerful that we won’t be able to defeat him.”

     “He only has a shadow of his former power,” replied Zelda. “But even a shadow can be dangerous.” Her profound statement caused both Link and Aaron to pause in their thoughts. All Link could say was, “That’s right.”

     Aaron broke the silence. “If shadows are dangerous I hate to see what their casters are like. So give me my trench knife and let’s get going!” Zelda and Link stared at him. “What?” said Aaron. “Oh, that’s right - I guess Hylians don’t dig trenches.”

     Then Aaron smiled. “Yet.”

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