The Songbird

  By Eon

CHAPTER 1 - The Beginning


Things were bad enough. But it all had to come down to this. Link sighed. Ever since his Grandfather and the six Sages had sealed Ganondorf away in the Sacred Realm, everyone thought all was safe. But Link knew they were wrong.

15-year-old Link sat in the Courtyard with his Grandfather. Grandfather Link was playing the Ocarina. Link sighed. He didn't want to learn the Ocarina. He wanted to learn the harp.

"Link." A voice called. Both of them looked up.

"Not you Grandfather." Rhiannon said.

Rhiannon was Link's sister. Her long blonde hair hung all the way to her ankles, almost as long as her skirt was.

"No one wants me anymore." Their Grandfather said, but he was smiling so they knew he was joking.

"What's the matter, Sis?" Link asked, standing up and kissing his sister's cheek

"Cara wants you. You need to be ready for court supper tonight." Rhiannon replied.

"They want me to choose who I'm to marry tonight, don't they." Link sighed.

"I fear so, Brother. But I am happily married, so I'm sure you will be too." Rhiannon said. Rhiannon was 23 years old.

"No way!" Link exclaimed.

"You can't wait around forever, Link." Rhiannon said. She turned and walked

out of the Courtyard. Link sighed and sat down.

"You know my boy, it didn't used to be this way." Grandfather said.

"I know Grandfather. You've told me. I'd better go now." Link said.

 Link stood again and walked out of the courtyard. He walked slowly barely lifting his feet. Cara would be angry with him, but he didn't care.


Sora sat, playing her harp on top of the gate near Hyrule Castle. She wanted to watch the sunset from here. It was her favorite spot. Below her, court ladies were arriving to meet Prince Link. Sora smiled.

Boys were a waste of time, according to her. Though she was curious about his Majesty. She was curious about everything.

"I hear he's very handsome." A voice below her said.

"Mm&ldots;do you hear the haunting music?" Another voice asked.

"Yes. It's quite lovely." The first one said.

Sora smiled. She, of all things, wished to play her harp for people. The guard lets her sit on the gate, just to hear her music.


Link tried to smile. Many of the ladies here were beautiful. But he just couldn't be happy. He wanted to die.

"Lady Oliana." Was announced. Oliana was fair skinned with green eyes and long black hair.

"Lady Danika." Danika had blue eyes and long blonde hair.

"Lady Talia." Brown hair and blue eyes.

  Boring, Link thought. All these girls are boring. They weren't adventurous or interesting. And Link doubted any of them could play the harp.

"That music was absolutely beautiful." Oliana was saying.

"Yes it was quite lovely. Did you hear it Talia?" Danika asked.

"Why, yes. It was delightful." Talia replied.

  Music? Link edged closer to the three girls. He tried to hear more of the conversation without them noticing him. Fat chance!

"Why, Link!" Oliana exclaimed. "What brings you over here?"

"I was um&ldots;I heard you talking about some strange music." Link stuttered.

"Oh yes. When you walk under the castle gate this most haunting music- oof!"

Oliana elbowed Talia in the ribs.

"Would you like to dance?" Oliana asked.

"Oh no thank you." Talia said.

"Not you!" Oliana snapped and then turned and smiled at Link.

"Um&ldots;I think I hear Cara, my nursemaid calling me." Link said. He turned and tried not to run out of the ballroom.


  Link did start to run when he was finally out of the castle. He ran all the way to the castle gate before stopping and leaning up against it to catch his breath. The haunting music stopped at once. A dirt-smudged face and a tangle of blue striped gold hair peered over the edge of the gate.

"Are you okay?" asked a soft melodious voice, much like a songbird's.

"Yeah. Just had to escape." Link replied. The girl laughed.

"Oh I'm sure. The fine court ladies too much for ya, eh?" The girl asked. She entered the small room that led down from the gate, opened the door and stood leaning against the doorway. It was then that Link noticed a harp in her hands.

"You play?" Link asked, indicating the harp.

"Yeah." The girls said.

"Cool. I'm Link. What's your name?" Link asked.

"The Prince huh? Well then Majesty, I'm Sora." Sora replied. Link laughed.

"No please. Call me Link." Link said.

"Whatever you say, Highness&ldots;um Link." Sora said.

Link looked Sora over. She was fairly tall, almost the same height as him. Her hair was streaked with blue and hung only down to below her chin. She wore Kokirish clothing, although her clothes were red. Her eyes were purple.

"You sure are&ldots;interesting for a Hylian." Link said.

"Is that a complement? Actually, I'm part Sheikah." Sora smiled.

 Link now noticed that her clothes weren't quite that Kokirish. There was the Sheikah symbol, the eye in white on her shirt. Her pants were baggy and her boots came up to her knees.

"Really? Well, that explains the harp." Link said.

"Mm&ldots;I heard a rumor that the Prince of Hyrule would like to learn to play the harp." Sora said.

"Yeah." Link blushed.

"Maybe I could teach you. I've got lots of free time." Sora offered.

"Really?" Link's blue eyes lit up.

"Sure. If your parents allow it." Sora said.

"I'm sure they will! Thank you very much!" Link exclaimed. He ran to go tell his parents.


"Link! There you are!" Lady Oliana stepped in front of Link as he rushed to get to his parents.

"Oh hey Oliana." Link said.

"Come now! Aren't you gonna give the prettiest lady here a dance?" Oliana asked.

"I would. But my mother is occupied right now." Link replied. Oliana winced at the subtle insult.

"That's so sweet. Well then, would you settle for the second prettiest lady here?" Oliana smiled.

"My sister is married." Link said.

"Well!" Oliana huffed and stomped away.

"Link!" Cara stood, arms folded across her chest.

"Sorry Cara. I just&ldots;I'm only 15!" Link said.

"I know. Go to sleep then Link. You need your rest." Cara sighed.


  Link walked off to go to bed. He hated being Prince of Hyrule. All he wanted was to be free of his responsibilities. Like&ldots;like Sora. Link grabbed a bag and started putting clothes it in. He had to get away from here. Even if it meant sneaking out and possibly getting in trouble. He rarely ever got to go out of the castle. Link rummaged through a chest and pulled out his bow, a quiver full of arrows, and a sword. He also pulled out a hooded cloak.

  Link finished packing. Now he was angry, angry with his parents for making him choose whom he'd marry, angry with Cara for trying to make him choose too. Link walked out of his room and stomped down the hall. It wasn't long before he ran into Lady Oliana.

"Link! Funny meeting you here." Oliana said.

"Yeah. I was just&ldots;going for a midnight walk." Link lied.

"With all that stuff?" Oliana asked, motioning with her hand.

"Um&ldots;yeah. Midnight walks are tiring." Link replied. Oliana had backed him against the wall. She looked up at him through her long, thick eyelashes, eyes filled with awe and admiring.

"Really? Maybe you need someone to go with you." Oliana said.

"No. I don't. Now I really must be going." Link said. He pushed Oliana away and started down the hall.

  Link turned the corner quickly. He opened a secret passage in the wall the led down to the stables. When Oliana turned the corner, he was gone. She sighed and stamped back to the ballroom.

  Link walked down a large flight of stairs. He opened a door in the wall of the castle and came out near the stables. He walked into the stable and down to his horse's stall. His horse was a tall, golden mare. She had a mane and tail like the clouds. She was a good height, perfect for Link and absolutely beautiful.

"Hey there Goldmoon." Link said, reaching up to pet her nose. "We're going on a little adventure."

  Link pulled out a saddle and put it on Goldmoon's back. He fumbled a bit with the bits of leather of the bridle and sighed. When he finally had Goldmoon all tacked up; he led her out of the stable and towards a large rock he used for mounting. Link squeezed his legs against Goldmoon's sides and she took off at a walk. Link pulled his hood down over his face and prayed no one would recognize Goldmoon. There were many golden horses in the stables.


  Sora sat perched on the castle gate, playing her harp softly. She rarely slept on such beautiful nights as these. A rider on a golden horse approached the gate. The guard looked at him a moment, then let him pass. Curious, Sora stood and walked off the gate. She slipped down the bit of ivy on the wall and sat, in the shadows watching as the stranger walked his horse past her.

  Sora ran ahead towards Hyrule Castle Market Town. One thing she loved to do at these parties was find some one suspicious looking and follow them. This one would be whom she followed this time.


  Link was relieved that the guard at the drawbridge had let him pass. The drawbridge was kept down on these occasions, but still Link was worried. He rode Goldmoon out onto Hyrule field. The moon was high in the sky. Link sighed and began to hum that strange melody Sora had been playing. It was peaceful and calming.

  Suddenly Goldmoon became uneasy. She shied nervously to one side. Link tried to calm her as best he could, but something was obviously frightening her. Then Link noticed a rider on a black horse galloping towards them.

  The rider held a sword above his head. A hood covered his face. Link fumbled to get his sword out, but he couldn't. He turned Goldmoon and tried to escape.


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