The Songbird

  By Eon

The Songbird (c) Eon

Summary: Link, Prince of Hyrule and Grandson of the Hero of TIme, is being forced into marrying by his 16th birthday. In a desperate attempt to escape his responsibilties, he meets up with Sora. Sora is a young, mischievous half-Shiekah with a shadowy past. They meet the beautiful Faylore on their way to Death Mountain and all decided to take the trip to Goron City together.

When they reach Goron City though, they discover a horrible secret. A group of angry people is rising. They are angry for what seems to the three adventurerers absolutely no reason. They flee from Death Mountain and head to Gerudo Valley. There they find more then they ever expected.

The Gerudo leader, Kyrissam is up to something. Males hadn't led the Gerudos since Ganondorf Dragmire was sentenced to the Scared Realm. But now suddenly a male is the leader. And Sora overhears a plot to bring Ganon back.

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