The Songbird

  By Eon

CHAPTER 5 - Dragon Song


  Sora groaned and lowered herself into the steaming water of the hot spring across from Poonta. The Gerudo girl grinned. Sora glared at her for a moment, then decided it wasn't really worth the hassle. "I've never ridden so long in my life." Faylore stated.

"Well we got away." Poonta reminded her. "That's what matters most." "That's true." Faylore agreed. "I'm sorry I was so rowdy at first. I was just tired and confused. And also scared."

"Understandable." Sora said reasonably. "I was pretty scared myself. But what about Link? He must be more confused and scared than the three of us put together."

"I think he'll be okay." Poonta said. "He's a brave lad, that boy. To adventure away from the castle in the first place must've been hard for him." "Why aren't the Gerudos following us?" Sora wondered.

"Who knows?" Poonta shrugged. "Maybe they found something more interesting." "More interesting than the one person they need to kill to set Ganondorf free?" Sora asked.

"I see what you mean." Poonta agreed, her smile turning to a frown. "Let's not think about it right now." Faylore suggested. "It feels good to relax and get this grime off. And my muscles ache so much. I don't feel like thinking. That hurts too."

"I agree." Sora laughed. "My brains demands that I not think."

"Listen to it then." Poonta said, chuckling.

"I think I will." Sora grinned and leaned back, resting her head on a rock for support.


Link wandered along. His companions were taking a bath. He had already had his. Now he glanced at his surroundings, wishing to think of anything but what had happened. The forest they had stumbled upon was vast and beautiful. A doe, followed by her fawn, walked right past him as if he weren't even there. Perhaps they weren't used to people in the forest. As hard as Link tried, he could not avoid the scene that now whirled in his mind. Sora had told him about Kyrissam's plan to bring back Ganondorf. It made him nervous and on edge. His muscles ached, and that along with the pounding of his head made this whole thing ten times worse than it already was.

The bush to Link's left rustled slightly. Link froze, his eyes wide, focusing on the bush. He felt like a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar. Then a sneeze came from the bush and Link drew his sword. The bush stopped rustling. Link moved forward, holding his sword towards the bush. "Come out, whoever you are!" Link commanded. A small figure stepped from the bush. It was a girl of about age 9, with golden hair and wide blue eyes. She stared at Link for a moment, then her eyes dropped to the sword. Link lowered the sword, but he didn't but it back in its scabbard. He still didn't know who this girl was and what she was doing here. Her clothes were strange, a robe wrapped around her tiny body and brightly colored.

"Who are you?" Link asked.

"I-Isannah." The girl stammered.

"I'm Link." Link smiled down at the girl, trying to comfort her in some way. "I wasn't harming anything." Isannah said. "I was just wandering and I got lost."

"Where do you live?" Link asked.

"I can't remember." Isannah sniffled. "I'm so far from my home."

"Well, come with me then." Link said.

Link put his sword away and picked up Isannah. The little girl was trembling and Link could hear her stomach growl. She probably hadn't eaten in quite a while. Link carried her back to camp, where Sora, Faylore and Poonta were already making dinner.

"Awww, how cute!" Faylore cooed. "Link, she's precious! Where did you find her?"

"She was hiding in a bush in the forest." Link said. "She seems to have wandered away from home and gotten lost."

"Are you hungry?" Sora asked, tilting her head slightly to one side and looking at the little girl. Isannah only nodded.

"Put her down, Link, so she can rest!" Faylore said firmly. Link put Isannah down on one of the rocks around the camp. He wrapped a blanket around her shoulders. She managed to stammer a 'thank you' through her chattering teeth. Sora smiled and spooned some hot stew into a bowl, and then she handed it to Isannah. Everyone sat around the fire, holding their dinner and watching the little girl. Finally, Sora spoke. "You realize, Poonta, that you are now a traitor." Sora said softly. "I realize. And I do not care." Poonta told her. "I wanted to get away from them for so long. They have been brainwashing a lot of people. I managed to escape it by saying I was loyal. But&ldots;oh I don't know! I was beginning to lose hope, until you came. You have hope all around you&ldots;" Poonta's voice trailed off. She shrugged and turned her face away. Isannah tilted her head to one side, not understanding what was going on. Sora patted Poonta on the back and Faylore gave her a reassuring smile. But Link was unsure.

"I do not understand why the Gerudos did not follow us." Link said again. "I believe they have other things to do." Poonta told him. "They must be certain they can catch you latter."

"But what are they doing?" Link wondered.

"Maybe training." Sora suggested with a shrug.

"I know nothing of battle," Faylore chimed in, "But is it possible that they may be preparing to attack Hyrule castle or maybe waiting outside the forest for us?"

"It is unlikely they are waiting for us. They did not follow." Link replied. "And they do not have the strength to attack the Castle. Not without Ganondorf."

"I think we should go to bed." Sora stated. "You can stay up and think on this if you like, but I'm exhausted. It would be better if we talked in the morning."

"Yes, maybe we should sleep." Link agreed. "But first, would you sing to us, Sora?"

Sora considered and finally pulled out her harp from her tunic. She strummed a soft melody, a poem she knew came back to her instantly. It was called "Confrontation of the Dragons" and Skysong Anale, ancient Sheikah and Sage of Stories taught it to her. Skysong had told her that the poem had no true meaning, only what the listeners perceived.

"That was beautiful." Faylore commented when the song was over.

"What does it mean?" Link asked.

"Whatever you think it means." Sora replied vaguely. "I think it is about honor and&ldots;being loyal." Poonta said, looking slightly sad.

"I think it is just pretty to listen to." Faylore said.

"What do you think it means, Sora?" Link asked. "I think&ldots;" Sora struggled with her answer. "I think it's about what ever you think about. However you see it. You can see it from so many different angles, different points of view. It can be good versus evil&ldots;or yet it could be how two people, the artist and the poet, work together in harmony." Link studied her thoughtfully. She looked subdued, her purple, thickly lashed eyes half-closed, staring at the dimming flames of the fire. Her hair was tangles; the strips of gold hopelessly mixed with the ones of blue. She was weary; it was obvious on her face, just as the pain in her bones was. She clutched her harp and looked up with him, her eyes glassy with tears. He'd never imagined her one to cry. Beside her Isannah was asleep. Finally, everyone curled up under blankets. Link closed his eyes but couldn't sleep. Beside him, he could hear Faylore's soft breaths. Poonta was snoring lightly. Isannah had been asleep since before Sora had finished her song. The night was quiet, except for one thing. Soft sobs coming from Sora's direction.


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