The Usurper

By Julietta F.

Most of the people know of the kingdom Hyrule, the Triforce, and Link's adventures. What the people overlook is that there are three golden triangles in the Triforce. Hyrule is far too small to be the whole world. The common people don't know, but there are three kingdoms, Hyrule, Melanthos, and Cyreene. Together these three make a whole, and that whole is the World. Only the highborn know this is true.

Our story begins in the kingdom Melanthos, through the eyes of Maarei, the very tomboyish princess of sixteen years. Link has already killed Ganondorf and set the World at peace...or has he?

The Usurper - Chapter 1
The Usurper - Chapter 2
The Usurper - Chapter 3
The Usurper - Chapter 4
The Usurper - Chapter 5
The Usurper - Chapter 6
The Usurper - Chapter 7
The Usurper - Chapter 8
The Usurper - Chapter 9
The Usurper - Chapter 10
The Usurper - Chapter 11

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