Book 1: The Usurper

  By: Julietta F.

Chapter 2


Maarei had spent three days and nights in the dungeon. Locked away, she thought bitterly. In my own dungeon! She had to get out, she knew, but how could she? It was not just Gerudos surrounding the castle now. Evidently Ganondorf had other troops, in Cyreene and Melanthos, more than she had excepted. Even if she did escape, she would have nowhere to go. She would just be found again and beaten badly, and it would be all for nothing.

The only way she could escape would be to somehow get to the castle’s temple. There, on the floor was the symbol of the Triforce. If you lifted up one of the triangles, there was a tunnel to the next kingdom. It was the only known way to get across the three kingdoms. Unless you wanted to sail across the Turannos, Oreias, or Cyreenian Seas, and anyway, that would take weeks. The common people thought the sea went on forever.


It might be a while before Ganondorf saw to her. Maarei took the days and sharpened her wit. She knew she had acted pretty stupid up in the tower on the night of the siege. I just sat there, while he took my father’s crown. Maarei thought. Luckily, Ganondorf hadn’t taken her sword. Next time, I’ll be ready for him. She didn’t know what happened after she was thrown into the dungeon. Maarei could only guess what happened to Brianne and Tobius. She didn’t want to think about it.

On the fourth morning, she heard voices outside. Maarei still couldn’t understand their language. Evidently Ganondorf had invented a language of his own. The door to her cell swung open. She looked up to see Ganondorf in the doorway. She felt a pang of anger shoot through her spine. Or maybe it was just hunger.......

Maarei was taken to a larger room, with torture instruments. He wouldn’t dare kill me, she thought. I’m too valuable.



"I hope you’ve been comfortable," Ganondorf said casually.

"Oh, yes, it’s been just lovely," Maarei said breezily. I’ll get him later. she thought. For now, I need to know him better. Ganondorf just laughed.

"We talk the same language," he said.

"Usually," Maarei replied, remembering his code that she would eventually have to crack.

"Three days and three nights is a good time to leave someone alone," Ganondorf continued. "I always do that. Some don’t live through it, but you have, so you’ve shown me you are very strong. You won’t be after long, I promise you."

Always three days and three nights, thought Maarei, storing the knowledge for later use.

"Let’s get this straight right away," Ganondorf said, leaning forward. "You have something I want. If you give it to me, maybe I’ll let you go."

Awfully big maybe, she thought.

"If you hold back, you will be punished. Now, I know that your father’s riches were not stored in the castle with his other belongings. Second, there is a way to Hyrule and Cyreene from Melanthos without using the three seas, is there not? Sailing the seas is so long, I need a quicker way to get to Hyrule."

He is leaving for Hyrule next. Thanks for telling me, Ganondorf.

"Why would I tell you? I’m dead either way if I tell you or not, so I’ll choose to not," Maarei said.

"Alas, that was not the answer I was looking for," Ganondorf said.

Suddenly, Maarei was chained on a bench, face down. How did he do that so quickly? Sorcery, perhaps. A whip was conjured in his hand. He cracked it just above her head. It didn’t hit her, but Maarei jumped from the noise. Then he swung it across her back. At first she couldn’t feel anything, but then a line of fire worked it’s way up her spine. Mercy, she thought.

She squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip to keep from screaming. Just then another blow was given, perfectly in line with the last one. Maarei curled her toes, sucked in her breath, and stiffened. A few more were given, and then Maarei had an idea. He wants answers, he’ll get answers, she thought. If I act weak and pitiful, he’ll never imagine I’m smart enough to escape.



"Ready to talk yet princess?" Ganondorf inquired after the whipping.

"Yes," Maarei said weakly, making her eyes wide. I always was a good actress. Here’s my chance to prove myself an accomplished liar too. "If you promise not to hurt me, I’ll tell you everything." Maarei shed a few tears just to make herself more believable.

"You have my word," said Ganondorf.

Interesting. As if his word was worth anything to me. "Okay," Maarei said. "I’ll trust you just this once."

She looked Ganondorf straight in the eye. He believes me! she thought. Ha! Maarei dropped her gaze with mock shame. "Well," she said slowly. "I’ve heard my father talk that his jewels are in...." she hesitated. "I think it was Ayl. Yes, I’m sure of it, the middle of Ayl."

Ayl was a huge desert in the south of Melanthos. Her father’s jewels were actually in the Royal Family’s secret vault, in Cyreene. But Maarei was trying to point Ganondorf as far away from the castle as possible.

"And how do I get to Hyrule from here?" Ganondorf said, evidently interested.

"I shouldn’t tell you....but that whip scares me so!" Maarei eyed the whip with exaggerated fear. "I couldn’t live through another beating!" she lied. "So I’ll tell you. It is also in Ayl. On the most southern point. It is sort of by a tree.....or around it..." Maarei said vaguely. "It’s hard to explain. But easy to see. I feel so ashamed..."

Maarei forced herself to cry. She kept crying until Ganondorf was out of the door and down the hall. Then she sniffled a little, in case anyone was still listening, and stopped. I’m too good! she thought. He believed me! Maarei was plotting ferociously.

I just ask one of the guards if I can go to the temple, then bow down in front of the altar. When the guard turns his back, I just slip my hand under the tile and dive into the tunnel. If the guard doesn’t let me, I’ll put on my cry-baby act for him until he says yes. It’ll work! I have to warn Hyrule. That is where he is going next. If I don’t, he’ll usurp Hyrule too! I have to hurry....

When I return to Melanthos, I will have an army.


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